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Outer City

Outer City is the high-tech version of a Shanty Town that was built by people wanting to make some fast credits from all the new things going on in the area. The whole area is a lot less respectable than Inner City, and those who don't keep their wits about them are more likely to find a dagger in their back than Fame and Fortune.
However, despite this, there are a couple of things in Outer City than some Hunters may find interesting.

The Free Market
The Free Market is a giant building complex that the owners use to let Hunters sell things they've found or made to others. No one knows for sure how they can afford to keep the place running, as they don't take anything from the sales made a the market. This makes it a great place to find something you need, or make some cash.
Using the Free Market, you can buy and sell things with other Xplice players. You can sell any items you have for as much as you like, however the better you price your items, the more likely people are to buy them. Using the Free Market, you can get more Credits for your Items than you could selling them in Inner City, however you might need to wait a while before anyone buys them.


In the Arena, you will be able to pit your Xybrid against another players in combat. This isnt finished yet though, so I will expand this section once it is.

The Pack Lands

The Pack Lands is where you can join a Pack of Hunters. Packs can share items and information with each other, although at the moment it is more of a social thing. More content for Packs is currently being worked on.
Packs are not available at the start of the game - they are unlocked by a certain event early on.