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Statistics and Types

When selecting the DNA and Base for your Xybrid, there are some statistics you need to consider.
Each Base and DNA strand has a separate set of statistics that will determine your Xybrids stats once they are combined.

Base Stats
Bases contain the most fundamental stats of your Xybrid. It is important to chose your Base carefully, as it limits the maximum growth of your Xybrid.

Name - The name of the Base (obviously)
Class - The Quality of the Base, from 1 to 5 (5 being highest)
Max Types - The maximum number of different DNA type (see Types, below) this base can handle.
Max Splices - The maximum number of times DNA can be spliced onto this Base after creation.
Max Level - The maximum level a Xybrid with this base can reach.
Base HP - The standard Hit Points for this Base.
Base Str - The standard Strength for this Base.
Base Def - The standard Defence for this Base.
Base Pow - The standard Power for this Base.
Base Res - The standard resistance for this Base.
Base Spd - The standard Speed for this Base.

DNA Stats
DNA contains the more specialised attributes of your Xybrid, as well as statistic modifiers which are added (or subtracted, if negative) from the Base Stats.

Name - The name of the DNA Strand.
Type - The Type that the Xybrid will be if this DNA is used. (It is possible to have more than one type).
Type Points - The Potency of this DNA's type. The higher the type points, the better the special attacks that will be available to the Xybrid.
Cost - The number of credits this DNA costs.
Base HP - The Hit Point Modifier for this DNA.
Base Str - The Strength Modifier for this DNA.
Base Def - The Defence Modifier for this DNA.
Base Pow - The Power Modifier for this DNA.
Base Res - The Resistance Modifier for this DNA.
Base Spd - The Speed Modifier for this DNA.

Once combined, these stats will form your Xybrid.

Your Xybrid
Name - The Name you have given your Xybrid.
HP - The overall Hit Points your Xybrid has. Determines how much damage it can take before dying.
Str - The Strength of your Xybrid, used to determine the damage done by its standard attacks.
Def - The Defence of your Xybrid, used to determine its resistance against standard attacks.
Pow - The Power of your Xybrids special attacks. The higher it is, the more damage your Special Attacks will do.
Res - The Resistance your Xybrid has against Special Attacks.
Spd - The Speed of your Xybrid. This will determine whether it attacks first or second in battle.
Base - The Base this Xybrid was created from.
Types - The Types this Xybrid possesses, along with the percentage of each type in the Xybrids DNA, and the Type Points (p).
Level - The current level of your Xybrid. As your Xybrid levels up, it gets stronger.
Current XP - The total amount of XP this Xybrid has acquired since it was created.
To Next Level - The amount of XP the Xybrid needs to level up again.

Each Strand of DNA has a type associated with it. There are 10 different types, and each one is weak against one type, and strong against another.
The types of DNA your creature has also determines the types of special powers it can gain. For example, a Xybrid with the Fire type will have access to Fire type attacks, and a Xybrid with Fire and Lightning types will have access to both kinds of attack, though they will be less effective.

Type Weakness Resistance
Normal None None
Fire Water Wind
Water Lightning Fire
Wind Fire Earth
Earth Wind Lighting
Lightning Earth Water
Psychic Dragon Shadow
Shadow Psychic Holy
Holy Shadow Dragon
Dragon Holy Psychic

Normal Fire Water Wind Earth
Lightning Psychic Shadow Holy Dragon

These weaknesses and resistances will normally only come into play when using Special Attacks; standard attacks have no type.
The damage alterations for Weakness and resistance are equal to the percentage of that type present in your Xybrid.
For example, if your Xybrid used a Fire attack against a Wind type mutant, and there was 60% Fire DNA in your Xybrid, it would do 60% more damage. If on the other hand, a Lightning mutant used a Special Attack against you're 100% Water Xybrid, it would take 100% more damage. If the Xybrid was only 30% water, it would take 30% more damage.

This is why it is important to carefully select the types you splice into your Xybrid. While adding many different types will reduce the amount of damage you take from Weaknesses, it will also decrease the damage your Special Attacks do against weak mutants.