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Inner City

Inner City is the main part of the New City. Most of the scientists, researchers and engineers live here. It is also the location of most Hunter HQ's.
There are several different areas in Inner City.

Hunter's District

This is where almost all of the Hunters Headquarters are located, and yours is amongst them.
You will be taken straight to your HQ if you visit the Hunters District, and here you can view almost anything about your character that you need to know.
The first thing you will see is a list of your possessions, including Genetic Bases, DNA, any items you have found/created, and any equipment you have installed in your HQ.
Following this are a list of things you can do:

View your xybrids
View the full stats of all of your Xybrids.

Recharge your Bio-suit
Use an available charge to restore your Bio-suits power to 100%. You gain 1 new charge per day.

Take new Xybrid
Switch the Xybrid you currently have with you for another in your line-up.

Go to your Workshop
Enter the Workshop. This is where you can combine 2 items into something new. Especially useful for Engineers.

Permanently remove Dead Xybrid from lineup
If one of your Xybrids has died, and you do not wish to (or are unable to) have it cloned (see below), you can remove it from your line-up permanently. Be careful with this, as once a Xybrid has been removed, it cannot be restored, and all Bases and DNA used to create it will be lost.

Science District

Home of most of the Scientific Institutions in New City. Most Hunters visit this place to create Xybrids.
There are several areas to the Science District that you will need to visit if you wish to do well as a Hunter.

DNA Store
This is where you will buy the DNA you need for splicing a new Xybrid.

Base Store
The Base Store is where you take your Base Tokens to be imprinted with a Genetic Base, which is then used for Xybrid creation.

Xybrid Labs
The Xybrid Labs are where you go to create a new Xybrid, or splice new DNA into an existing one. Splicing DNA into an existing Xybrid is almost the same as creating a new one. However, instead of selecting a base, you select a Xybrid.

Clone Labs
The Clone Labs are home to 2 very important tools. The Xybrid Cloner, and the Brain Scanner.
The Xybrid Cloner is able to store the DNA Pattern of your Xybrid in its current state, so that if it is ever killed, you can go to the Clone Labs and have an exact copy of your Xybrid recreated. This is the only way to bring a dead Xybrid back to life. If it dies before you take a DNA sample, it's gone forever.
Unfortunately, the cloning process doesn't preserve a Xybrids experiences and knowledge, essentially reducing them to the level they were at when they were first created. This is where the Brain Scanner comes in. The Brain Scanner records everything a Xybrid has learnt. By applying a Brain Scan to a freshly cloned Xybrid, you can return it to the level it had when the scan was taken.
It is very important to Clone and Scan your Xybrid regularly. Failing to do so could be a huge setback if your Xybrid dies.
When you create your very first Xybrid, a free DNA scan is taken. If that Xybrid ever dies, you can clone it in its original state for free.

Shopping District

The Shopping District is, obviously, the home of most of the shops in Inner City. Here you will be able to buy some general items, and sell the stuff you have found for a fixed price.

General Store
The General Store contains a few basic items. You probably wont visit very much once you've been playing for a while.

The Market
The Market is where you can sell the items you have. Items sell for a set price, depending on how hard they are to come by, although some items can't be sold here at all. If you're looking to make some quick cash, this is the place to go.

Job Boards

The Job Boards are where most of the people in Inner City post work they need doing. These can range from finding an item, to acquiring DNA samples, to building some device.
You have 2 options at the Job Boards; Look for a Job, and Visiting your Client. The first time you visit the Boards, your choice of jobs will be pretty limited, however as your skill and reputation grow, more will become available to you.
Only jobs that you can actually take are displayed, so don't worry about taking a job that you don't have the skill to complete.
Once you have a job, you should visit your client to find out exactly what you need to do. Here you will be given a description of what the job entails, as well as the option to Quit the job. Quitting a job will obviously hurt your reputation, so you should only do it as a last resort.
Once you've done what you need for the job, visiting your client again will end the job and give you your reward. Rewards can be credits, an item, some DNA or a Base Token, or any combination of the 4.
When you have a job, the Job Title bar will appear in the Status bar on the left. By clicking on the job title, you can get a quick summary of the mission.