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A large part of Xplice is exploring the vast Wastelands of the Atlan city. The Wastelands are full of wonders, but are also full of great dangers as well.
You can go straight to the Wastelands as soon as you have created your first Xybrid, however it is strongly recommended that you stop at the Training Grounds first.
The Training Grounds will give you the chance to get used to the way Exploration works in a safe environment. You can also fight some easy enemies to learn how combat works, and level up your Xybrid a little.
Although you can go straight into the Wastelands, doing so with a new Xybrid will probably result in a trip back to Inner City after your Xybrid dies, so it's in your best interests to spend a little time in the Training Grounds.

Once you've left the Training Grounds and entered the Wastelands, exploration will yield one of 2 results:

An event is basically anything that happens which doesn't involve combat. Finding an Item, having a decision to make, to simply learning some new info are all events.
Most events will give you points of some kind, normally Hunting or Engineering, depending on the nature of the event although occasionally you will get an event that gives your Xybrid some XP.
A lot of events will also give you items of some kind. These can be anything from scrap metal, to computer parts, to new DNA samples which you can splice into Xybrids.

Combat occurs when you run into a mutant while exploring. The first turn of combat will happen automatically, which means it is important not to enter an area that's too high a level for your Xybrid - running into a powerful mutant means it will likely strike first and kill your Xybrid.
After the first turn, assuming both the mutant and your Xybrid are still alive, you will be given the choice of Attacking, using a Special Attack or running. Attack will perform a standard, type-free attack which is based on your Xybrids Str statistic. Choosing a Special Attack will perform the attack using the Pow statistic. Running will attempt to flee from the mutant you are fighting, however, it its speed is higher than that of your Xybrid, the mutant may follow you, and you will be unable to run. This will also mean your Xybrid takes some damage while fleeing, so be careful when choosing to run.
Combat will continue until the mutant or your Xybrid is dead. If you win the fight, your Xybrid will gain some XP, and you can resume your exploration.

Suit Levels
As you get closer to the Impact Site, the level of Radiation and Toxins in the atmosphere increases. Unfortunately, your standard bio-suit is only equipped to deal with the Radiation in the outer regions of the Wastelands.
This means that in order to progress further into the Wastelands, you must upgrade your Bio-suit first. The problem is, no one yet knows how to create a level of protection good enough to withstand such high levels of Radiation, which means you will just have to find out as you go along...