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User Interface

Here is a summary of each of the items in the User Interface.


Takes you back to the main News page, which is displayed when you log in.

View Map
View the Main Map of The Wastelands. Clicking an area will take you to the Area Map.

View and use the items currently in your possession.

Send messages to other players, or read the messages you have recieved. The Messages link will turn bold when you have a new message.

Check out who the best Hunters are, which Xybrid is the most powerful, and who is the Richest player around.

Change various options related to your account.

Logout of the game and return to the login screen. Its very important you do this if you are playing Xplice on a public computer.


Numerous parts of the game have descriptions, which you can view in a popup window by clicking on the text. Items are the main things that use descriptions, and their descriptions will often have clues to aid you in creating new items. Other things include Mutants, Bases and DNA, and the Job Title window.
To view the description, simply click on the name of the object you wish to view. Clicking DNA or Base names will give you a window containing their statistics.


As you progress through the game, you may find or build items that add new features to your Interface. Although their use should be pretty obvious, it will be up to you to work it out.