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Creating your Xybrid

When you first log into the game, you won't be able to venture into the Wastelands, because you don't have a Xybrid. Creating your own Xybrid is the first thing you need to do.
There are 2 things needed to create a Xybrid:

Genetic Bases
Genetic Bases are blank templates of Xybrid, made up of a special kind of DNA in which all of the genes are recessive.
This makes them very useful for genetic splicing, as all of the genes in the DNA you are using will become dominant. Without these, the creation of Xybrids would not be possible.

Highly specialised strands of DNA are the primary factor in determining the abilities of your Xybrid. Each strand of DNA has its own strengths and weakness.
DNA is spliced onto the Genetic Base, and then its growth is artificially accelerated until a fully grown Xybrid has been created.

Both DNA and Genetic Bases can be acquired in the Science District of Inner City, however, the method of obtaining them differs slightly.
DNA can be bought with credits, the standard unit of currency in Xplice. You start with 500c. Each strand of DNA has a Type, and various statistics associated with it (these will be covered later). To get a base however, you need a Base Token. Base Tokens are small discs containing a strand of blank DNA. They must be imprinted with DNA from a Genetic Base before they become usable.
Base Tokens are quite rare, and you only start with one of them, so you should chose your base carefully. There are 5 different levels of Base Token, which determine the quality of the base (1 being the lowest and 5 being highest).

Once you have selected your Base and DNA (you may wish to read the next page before picking your DNA), you can splice them together to create your Xybrid (This is also done in the Science District).
Select the Create New Xybrid option to see the Splice screen. The options are fairly obvious - Select your Base and DNA, enter a name in the Box and click the Splice button.
If you have more than one strand of DNA, you may splice up to 2 into your Xybrid when you create it (though they must be 2 different strands, you cannot splice 2 of the same type when creating a Xybrid).
Once you've clicked Splice, you should see the statistics of your new Xybrid, along with its description. This description is generated based on hidden values in DNA and Bases. Although it plays no major role in the game, it can be interesting to see the kinds of Xybrids you can create.
Congratulations! You've just created your first Xybrid!