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Getting Started

When creating your account, you will need to choose which class you want to be. There are 3 options:

The hunter advances more quickly when out in the wastelands searching for items of interest.
They are skilled at finding items others might miss, and their primary source of income is selling the items they find.
A hunters Hunter Level increases at a faster rate than other classes.

An engineer feels more at home in his workshop tinkering with new devices that out in the wastelands.
Engineers are very skilled at repairing broken technology, and fashioning new items from other materials. Their primary source of income is selling the items they have created.
An engineers Engineering Level increases at a faster rate than the other classes.

The average Worker is a Jack of all Trades. They can do a bit of everything, and sell their services to those willing to pay.
Workers have a good reputation within Inner City, and are more likely to get a good job than the other classes, making this their primary source of income.
A Workers Job Access Level increases at a faster rate than the other classes.

Your class will determine the way your character develops through various actions. Hunters will find it more rewarding to spend their time exploring the Wastelands, while Engineers are better off in their Workshops putting items together.
It is worth noting however that all classes can do the same things as the others. All characters can craft new items, hunt in the wastelands or take jobs. It is only the end result of the actions that is determined by a characters class.

Once you have selected your class and submitted your info, you should receive an email containing your authorisation code. It is very important that you enter a valid email address, or you will not recieve a code, and won't be able to log in.
When you log in for the first time, a box will appear for you to enter your auth code. Enter it exactly as it appears in the email and your account will be activated, allowing you to log in and play the game!