Xplice is an online game played through your browser.
You play the part of a Hunter, a person that ventures out into the radioactive and poisonous wastelands to hunt for lost technologys.
Why would you do this? Money, of course! The nearby city is filled with scientists and researchers willing to pay huge sums of money for valuable technological gadgets.
There is a catch, however. Dangerous mutations wander the radioactive wastes, warped by a 100 years of exposure to radiation and poisonous materials, and are extremely violent. The suit that protects you from the leathal levels of DOOM is too fragile to risk fighting in.
The answer?
Xybrids are bizzare creatures, created in a lab using advanced gene splicing technology. Every hunter that ventures into the wastes has their own Xybrid to protect them from the violent mutant beasts that roam the lands.